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Marriage, Divorce & "Re-Marriage" carefully addresses the statements on the front cover in an easy, conversational style that pulls the reader from one topic to another with examples with which every reader can easily identify. [Booklet, 46 pages] Ask for free CD: The Nature of Marriage. $3.95
What Is A Wife? Matthew 19:9: a powerful succinct teaching which unravels the many questions about the "exception clause" as it relates to divorce. Never wonder again how Matthew 19 Biblically applies to all marriages and who God holds accountable to teach these Truths. [Booklet, 18 pages] Ask for free CD: The Nature of Marriage. $2.25


Get both booklets, Marriage, Divorce & "Re-marriage" and What is a Wife? Matthew 19:9 for just $2.75!
Judge, Please Don't Strike That Gavel ... On My Marriage: This powerful book has been endorsed by four attorneys. Discover why Judith Brumbaugh's book could just as aptly be called The Court-Ship of Judith. It chronicles a six-year journey through the legal machinations of our judicial system to reach the United States Supreme Court in an effort to overturn our nation's Trojan Horse, No-fault Divorce. Author Judith Brumbaugh was court-ordered from her home in exchange to "broker" her constitutional right to a court hearing. With a few possessions and cardboard boxes, including what was to become her most important weapon--her typewriter, she began her nomadic journey to show how divorce has impacted and devastated families and society in general.[250 pages; 150 illustrations] $9.95
The OUTDOOR Bible: New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs. Completely water and weather proof and lightweight: Durabook format. Great for military who are in all kinds of weather or any environment where paper pages and normal covers would deteriorate or be destroyed. $12.95
The Miracle of Marriage: Using God's Word, author Judith Brumbaugh, examines and lays to rest some popular misconceptions about marriage and divorce while unraveling the mystery of the beautiful love story encompassed in the Miracle of Marriage. This book offers biblical advice for those anticipating marriage and hope to those with troubled marriages as well as those held captive by centuries of misapplication of Scripture. A clear warning is sounded to "spiritual power-brokers" who have tampered with God's most precious covenant. A must read for husbands and wives seeking Scriptural advice and those committed to building strong families. [250 pages; 150 illustrations] $9.95
With This Ring I Thee Wed: The Marriage-Covenant and Vows, What do they mean? [Booklet; 24 pages] Learn why God says, The twain shall be one flesh, no more twain ... Something every married couple should study and everyone anticipating marriage must understand before they say, "I do." Perfect, unique wedding or engagement card. [Booklet, 24 pages] $2.95
It's A Matter Of Life Or Death: Wrong Thinking About Marriage Leads to Destruction! [200 pages, illustrated] Find answers to these and many other questions:
  • What is the meaning of the marriage-covenant and vows?
  • What does the Bible say about second marriages?
  • What does the Bible say about non-Christian marriages?
  • What does the Bible say about attorneys in domestic law?
  • What does the Bible say about our judicial system?
  • What is the truth about separation of church and state?
  • What does the Bible have to say about America?
The Destruction of Families Who Reject God's Word: Bible Versions And Your Destiny: A succinct overview of why the underlying Greek and Hebrew texts used for translating your Bible are important. Learn who placed the first "critical" footnote in God's Word and why. What happened to the king who cut God's Word? [Booklet, 26 pages]
Family Feud And Your Part In The Book Of Life :
A succinct comparison of the major differences between versions of the Bible. Discover the difference between "only begotten Son" and "only son" and how the LORD teaches the contextual meaning of "begotten" more than 40 times in the book of John. Learn why pronouns such as "thee and thou" and "ye" provide grammatical accuracy to the Bible. See how the derivative copyright law forces authors to make thousands of changes in any Bible published after 1790. Read the testimony of the man who wrote the preface to the NASV and why he said, "..."I'm afraid I'm in trouble with the Lord ..." [Booklet, 54 pages]
Marriage From God's Perspective; Love Your Mate! : [Illustrated, Biblical self-study workbook: 38 pages] Uncover the grammatical keys necessary to proper understanding of Matthew 19:9; What are the two kinds of Biblical wives and husbands and how misunderstanding of these facts has led to wrong interpretations of major Bible doctrines. Understand an aspect of repentance that is deceiving even the very elect. Discover why God recognizes unbelievers' marriages. $5.00


Finding Loopholes in the Bible on Divorce and
“Re-marriage” is like ... Riding a Bike to Jamaica.

Looking for answers about marriage, divorce, and “re-marriage”? You’ll find them in this illustrated, 400-page book. It’s as unique as its title with hundreds of Scriptures examined by Brumbaugh, a veteran teacher with nearly half a century of Biblical instructional experience. Through a study of this book, you will also discover how you can assess the accuracy of the many Bible versions on the market. Learn how to study the Bible with understanding; how to recognize a new kind of family feud; when a marriage is or is not consummated; Biblical guidance for those who are "re-married." Comments from readers: "All I can say is WOW! I want more." "You haven’t left a stone unturned."  "It is clearly written with love and compassion." "You’ve shown me things in the Word I’ve never seen before.”




2015 Scripture Calendar: Instructional One-of-a-Kind. Based on the book, "Finding Loopholes in the Bible on Divorce and 'Re-marriage' is like ... Riding a Bike to Jamaica."
If a picture is worth a thousand words then this calendar is priceless! Scripture messages are illustrated based on a 400-page book by the same name. This unique, one-of-kind calendar succinctly graphically clarifies the confusion many have about marriage and “re-marriage” as well the different translations of the Bible. This is a calendar designed from a Christian perspective and based on the Word of God. GREAT WEDDING, BIRTHDAY, or CHRISTMAS GIFT. Testimonies from readers: "Every married couple needs this posted in their home." "I have never seen Scriptures so beautifully and explicitly illustrated."

Examinando los Reccasamiento para el Recasamiento de Personas Divorciadas $2.00
Answers To Questions : A succinct discussion of Deuteronomy 24:4; Jeremiah 3:1; Matthew 5:32 and 19:9 (the misunderstood "exception clause"); Returning to an original mate; The woman at the well versus the woman caught in an act of adultery; Are we one in spirit with the LORD or with our spouse?--and more. [booklet, 20 pages] Currently out of print. $2.00
CPR For Wounded Hearts : A concise manual for those who have been spiritually and/or emotionally wounded. Learn the importance and how to put on the armour of God to overcome whatever the enemy may throw at you. Study through Biblical examples what can happen to families when parents do not properly discipline their children. Learn the importance of praying Scripture--how to do it and practice with a Scriptural prayer. Review Scriptures to learn the importance of fasting. [20 pages plus a packet of 52 Scripture verses on index cards to aid in memorization of Scriptures (while the supplies last) $3.00
Receive Jesus Christ Now! An excellent tract clearly presenting the message of salvation through Jesus Christ. (In quantities of 2 for $1)
What Does The Bible Say About Divorce? A tract with concise listing and classifying Bible verses on marriage and divorce. (In quantities of 5 for $1)
TRACKS -Miniature booklet
What Does The Bible Say About Divorce? A unique presentation of Scriptures on marriage and divorce in a miniature booklet (2 3/4" X 2 l/2")
The Nature Of Marriage
Two-day radio interveiw broadcast from Michigan. Hear responses to questions about "except it be for fornication"; the options for a divorced person; why marriage is a matter of life or death; the effect of what God joins and much more. Phone lines are opened for live call ins.
No-Fault Divorce
Radio interview (Texas) with author of Judge Please Don't Strike That Gavel ... On My Marriage and 40-year Federal and State Constitutional litigation attorney. Is No-Fault Constitutional? Rights of Plaintiff and Defendants; Covenant and contract issues. Phone lines are opened for live call ins.
Why Divorce? Covenant or Contract
Radio interview (Pennsylvania) with author of The Miracle of Marriage. What it takes to stand in the gap for a run-a-way spouse. How does God create marriage? How have "spiritual power-brokers" tampered with God's most precious covenant? Phone lines are opened for live call-ins. Currently out of print.
King James Bibles
We have King James Life Application Study Bibles (Leather and Hardback); One year read through the Bible which never get outdated and regular KJ Bibles with no study notes. For more information on availability and pricing, please send e-mail inquiry.
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