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TOPIC:  Bible & Bible Versions

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RFI's position on Bible versions is that the King James Bible is the most doctrinally sound ENGLISH translation, especially in areas of (1) the deity of Jesus Christ and (2) marriage and divorce.

Titles currently online:

"But Grandma, Your Bible is Old Fashioned"

"Hoar Is Not Whore!"

"Please ... Let Me In ... I Didn't Know It Was a Sin; It Wasn't In My Bible!"

"The Destructive Harvesting of Changing God's Word: Generation/Race"

"The Fiery Furnace: Which Version?"

Forthcoming titles:

"Family Feud" (Send for booklet)

"Oops Wrong Versions!!!"

"Footnotes and Commentaries"

"They Hacked Off My Hands and My Feet"

"Making Jesus Your Friend"

"The Riddle of the Great Eagle"

"This is My Country ? Land That I Love"

"The Destruction of Families Who Reject God's Word"

"How Many Spark Plugs?"

"Woe Unto Those Who Trample Under Foot the Word of God"

"A People Hungry for the Word of God (the People of Jamaica)"

"Bible Versions"

"Family Feud!"

"Different Families of Texts: Traditional vs. Modern"

"Is It Possible to Put on a Sock that Is Woven"

"A Famine Is Coming!!!"

"Renew Your Mind with the Word"

"Overview: Deuteronomy ? Obey and Live"

"Much Ado About Nothing ... Is that the Plight of the Bible?"

"Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?"

"Has God Really Said"

"Overview: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus"

"The Necessity of Building a Relationship" 

"The Inerrant-Unchanging Written Word of God"

"Are We Letting the Tradition of Man Supercede the Inspired Word of God?"

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